Congratulations to our foreign colleagues. Avers is a publishing firm that has been active in the market since 1994. During existence and development of our publishing house we have received a large number of awards and prises and most importantly — we have formed a great experience in the domestic market.

        Today we are ready to contact with foreign colleagues and we are glad to invite you to cooperate.

        At Avers there are two main branches of specialization: children's literature and books devoted to regional studies (publications about Ukraine and Lviv).

        If you are interested in our products or want to offer cooperation, please send your emails to our e-mail address: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.  

or contact us: +380 67-660-22-33


We have a flexible system of discounts for our clients

The scheme is simple: the higher the amount of your order the greater amount you can get.

Terms of delivery are discussed in each individual case.


Avers is always facing you.